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WH Sequestration Report: 9.2% Cut from Defense, 8.4% from Domestic Spending

If budget cuts under sequestration kick in starting Jan. 2, most defense spending would go down 9.2 percent, including 10 percent from Defense Department line items not subject to congressional approval.

In a 394-page report released Friday, the White House said nondefense discretionary funding not exempt from sequestration would see an 8.4 percent cut.

Sequestration was included in the Budget Control Act, passed last summer as part of a debt ceiling increase agreement, as a mechanism for the deficit reduction supercommittee to find more than $1 trillion in budget cuts.

Unless Congress can pass legislation to undo the cuts, more than $109 billion will be cut starting in January and $1.2 trillion over the next ten years, split evenly between defense and nondefense spending.

Personnel reductions under sequestration would include FBI and Customs and Border Protection agents, as well as resources for the Federal Aviation Administration to carry out its NextGen initiative.

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