Air National Guard Appoints James Witham Deputy Director; Harry Wyatt Comments

The Air National Guard has named Brig. Gen. James C. Witham its new deputy director.

Witham, who was most recently the California National Guard chief of staff, will join the Guard’s leadership team for the creation, development, and coordination of policies for 106,000 Air Guard members in 200 locations across the U.S.

“His wealth of command and staff positions will help shape and guide the Air Guard as we forge ahead to the future,” Lt. Gen. Harry Wyatt III, Air National Guard director said.

Witham is also nominated to rank of major general, pending U.S. Senate confirmation.

Witham’s previous roles in the National Guard Bureau include ISR director and Air, Space, and Information Operations director.

A U.S Air Force Academy graduate, Witham has more than 4,000 flying hours and  served in Operations Northern Watch, Noble Eagle and Iraqi Freedom.

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