Dave Wennergren Receives Award Honoring “Chief Change Maker” in the Federal Government

Dave Wennergren

Dave WennergrenU.S. Defense Department‘s assistant deputy chief management officer, was honored on October 22 for being a “chief change maker” in the federal government, according to an FCW article.

The Roger W. Jones award for executive leadership was presented to Wennergren by the American University‘s school of public affairs. Another recipient of the award was Thomas Mesenbourg, Jr., acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Wennergren brought together several agencies in 2007, to align their computer security controls under the Homeland Security presidential directive 12, to enhance network security, enable vendors and minimize costs on developing products shared across agencies.

During his thirty year career, Wennergren has already received a Federal 100 award and the Eagle award.

Barbara Romzek, dean of the University’s school of public affairs, said that Wennergren and Mesenbourg epitomize public service dedication and that they are challenging students to work on emulating the two individuals as the students embark on future careers.

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