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DHS Task Force Recommends Hiring 600 Cyber Workers, Form Training Standards

The Department of Homeland Security needs to hire 600 cyber experts and develop training standards for future cyber workers, a DHS advisory task force recommends.

Steve Myers, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s task force on cyberskills, told Federal News Radio the task force would identifying candidates and identifying functions, tasks and scenarios for them to work with.

According to the report, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano created the task force in July to figure out how the department can recruit skilled cyber workers.

Myers told the station the task force would follow the Federal Aviation Administration‘s approach by setting certifications, tests and proficiency standards.

Myers added that the task force plans to train and hire veterans to solve in cyber positions, according to the report.

The task force also recommended creating a two-year community college cyber program that could raise the requirements to become a cybersecurity Center of Academic Excellence.

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