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Marion Blakey: Congress, WH Should Start Sequestration Talks Now

Marion Blakey

The White House and Congress need to start immediately on negotiations to reverse cuts to defense spending under sequestration, the head of a major defense trade association said Tuesday, according to The Hill newspaper.

Marion Blakey, president of the Aerospace Industries Association, told reporters they should not wait for the lame-duck session to start talking about ways to avoid the sequester, Jeremy Herb reports.

The former transportation secretary made the remarks the day after President Barack Obama’s comment during the third presidential debate Monday, where he said the sequester would not happen.

According to Herb’s story, Blakey was encouraged by Obama’s remark and added she believes enough momentum exists on both sides to start working now on a proposal and have it ready when the lame-duck session starts.

Several AIA-backed studies, including one focused on small businesses, have measured potential job losses that would occur under sequestration.

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