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Rep. Mike Rogers: New Cyber Threat Will Revive CISPA Bill

Rep. Mike Rogers

According to House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Mike Rogers, a new and undisclosed cyberthreat might start a new debate on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act during the lame duck session, National Defense Magazine reports.

Rogers said that the threat might target US networks that will have “some very real consequences” if Congress fails to deal with it.

The Congressman didn’t release any details about the specific threat, but did address Iran when he said, “I think they’re closer than we would all like them to be to come in and cause trouble in our financial services network.”

The House passed CISPA in April, but President Obama has threatened to veto it, should it pass the Senate.

CISPA would allow the National Intelligence director to establish public-private cyber information sharing.

Several officials and organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, have criticized CISPA as giving too much private information to the government.


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