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Army Reserve Chief Jeffrey Talley Not Worried Over Sequestration

Jeffrey Talley

Army Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Talley, chief of the Army Reserve, told the Defense Writer’s Group Wednesday he is not worried that sequestration will occur, American Forces Press Service reports.

He said he is not worried because both Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Army Secretary John McHugh told the departments to not plan for the cuts.

According to the story from Army 1st Sgt. Tyrone Marshall, Talley said he is confident that President Barack Obama and congressional leaders can avert the sequester.

Under sequestration, scheduled to start Jan. 2, the Pentagon would be required to cut at least $500 billion over 10 years, on top of the $500 billion it is already required to cut under the Budget Control Act.

Talley said the Army’s operating budget is $8 billion per year, with the Reserves’ share at about 6 percent.

The reserve forces, comprised of more than 200,000 troops, represent roughly 20 percent of the Army’s total forces, he said.

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