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AIA: Sequestration Puts NASA, NOAA Jobs at Risk

A study from the Aerospace Industries Association says sequestration cuts will lead to more than 22,000 job losses at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, GovExec reports.

The study, conducted by George Mason University economics professor Stephen Fuller, said 22,000 contractor positions at NASA and 2,500 jobs at NOAA are at risk if the sequester kicks in starting Jan. 2.

AIA estimates both agencies would see an 8.2 percent cut to their agencies and fears the cuts would put investment in innovation and U.S. space leadership at risk, according to Eric Katz’s reports.

The AIA, a trade group representing large aerospace and defense contractors, believes all of NASA’s job losses would affect private contractors because the 2010 NASA Authorization Act prohibits any cuts to its federal workforce through fiscal year 2013.

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