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Defense CEOs: More Cuts Could Be Part of Fiscal Cliff Plan

Four CEOs of aerospace and defense firms are again urging Congress and the White House to work together on avoiding the fiscal cliff, Aviation Week reports.

At the same time, those four also acknowledged additional cuts to the defense budget may be part of a bipartisan plan to avoid the tax increases and sequestration cuts set to kick in Jan. 2, Jen DiMascio writes.

TASC‘s David Langstaff, Northrop Grumman‘s Wes Bush, Pratt & Whitney‘s David Hess and RTI International Metals’ Dawne Hickton spoke at a National Press Club seminar Monday on the impacts of sequestration on defense industry, the Aerospace Industries Association said.

Langstaff said the Pentagon could withstand an additional $150 billion cut on top of the nearly $500 billion the Pentagon is already required to cut over the next 10 years, DiMascio reported.

According to the Business Journals, he said he could accept the cuts if they were based on strategy and predictability.

Bush told the audience he is concerned sequestration may hamper the industry’s opportunity to hire and retain talent and help the U.S. military maintain leadership in technology, Kent Hoover writes.

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