Katherine Hammack: Army Invested $209M in Energy Efficiency

Katherine Hammack
Katherine Hammack

The U.S. Army is more than halfway in its goal to invest $384 million in energy savings initiatives over two years, a lead Army official told the Army News Service.

Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary for installations, energy and environment, told ANS the Army has invested $208.8 million in the programs since December 2011 and she believes the Army has enough projects to hit the goal by next year.

David Vergun writes President Barack Obama has set a governmentwide goal of $2 billion in energy investments over two years.

The Army has shad 17 Energy Savings Performance Contract task orders complete since that program’s inception in 1992 to the tune of $1.16 billion, according to Vergun.

Nine Utility Energy Services Contract task orders have been completed since the program started in 1996, valued at $543 million, the report said.

Randy Smidt, a program manager for ESPCs and UESCs, told ANS the Army does not spend capital up front on those programs as they are alternative financing vehicles.

Developers and utilities are responsible for securing financing, energy audits, project design and building, Smidt said.



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  1. OK… $209 million spent on “Efficiency” — where’s the other half of the story?!? By how much was the Army budget CUT in response to these gains in efficiency? Spending alone is not efficient. It is the opposite of efficient. Cutting spending while providing the same level of service is efficient.

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