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OMB, DoD Distribute Guidance on Sequestration

nextgov-mediumThe Office of Management and Budget has sent guidance to federal agencies should negotiations fail to stop across-the-board budget cuts that will take effect Jan 2.

(Click Here, to read an article where defense analyst Loren Thompson details sequestration at the Pentagon.)

According to a Washington Technology article, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta sent a memo to DoD employees regarding sequestration.

“Sequestration was never intended to be implemented, and there is no reason why both sides should not be able to come together and prevent this scenario,” Panetta wrote in the memo obtained by Washington Technology.

“Nevertheless, with only a couple of weeks left before sequestration could occur should a deal not be reached, it is important to clarify the potential implications.

Similar memos are being sent across the federal government because OMB has advised all agencies to communicate with employees about the looming fiscal cliff.


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