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US Objects to UN Telecom Treaty, Cites Govt Control Language

The U.S. will not sign a new United Nations telecommunications treaty because officials believe it supports increased government control over the Internet, National Journal reports.

Josh Smith writes the statements on Internet governance are part of the nonbinding portions of the treaty, formed at a conference hosted by the U.N.’s International Telecommunications Union.

Ambassador Terry Kramer told reporters a majority of countries in the negotiations chose to include those statements in a revised form of the treaty, according to Smith.

According to The Hill newspaper, the U.K. and Canada will not ratify the treaty either.

Sweden, Kenya, Denmark, Egypt and Costa Rica also either voiced reservations about signing the treaty or said they would not sign it, Kramer said, according to The Hill’s report.

Several technology trade associations, including TechAmerica and the Computer and Communications Industry Association, have said some language in the treaty could affect innovation and increase censorship.

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