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Francis Collins Estimates 6.4% NIH Funding Cut Under Sequestration

Francis Collins
Francis Collins

The National Institutes of Health would have to cut 6.4 percent from its budget if the sequestration mechanism triggers March 1, the agency’s director told Politico.

Francis Collins, head of NIH since 2009, told reporter Paige Winfield Cunningham the agency’s 27 institutes and centers are all be subject to the sequester.

Collins also said he is concerned that research grants will become more limited to researchers at universities and medical schools.

The chances of receiving a grant have gone from one-in-three to one-and-six, Collins told Politico.

Cunningham writes the agency faced a 1.5 percent cut in 2011 after receiving funding increases in each of the previous 10 years.

NIH’s budget doubled between 1998 and 2003 but funding growth has slowed down since 2004, Cunningham writes.

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