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GAO Goes Live With New Agency Report Database; Gene Dodaro Comments

Gene Dodaro

The Government Accountability Office launched a new online database Monday for lawmakers and citizens to search for and access the agency’s reports.

GAO said the “Key Issues” website is organized by topic and agency and also includes podcasts and videos.

Users also have access to the agency’s collections, bodies of work that address issues such as the country’s fiscal outlook, efforts to reduce duplicative programs, technology assessment and the agency’s list of high-risk programs in the government.

“This new section of our website is intended to provide members and their staff, as well as the public, with a good overview of key policy issues across government,” said Gene Dodaro, comptroller general. “Our intent is to help make the transition to the 113th Congress as informed and smooth as possible.”

The agency said the new platform highlights close to 50 topics such as food safety; medical product oversight; disaster management; cybersecurity; realigning and closing military bases; U.S. financial system reform; and collaboration between governments, nonprofit organizations and private firms.

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