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New Law Includes Agency Small Business Contracting Reviews

signingA law signed by President Barack Obama this week will include contract awards to small businesses as part of performance reviews of senior agency officials, the Washington Post reports.

J.D. Harrison writes those reviews will help determine potential bonuses and promotions for officials.

Margot Dorfman, vice president of the National Association of Small Business Contractors, told the Post little was being done previously to help small businesses compete for and win contracts.

Harrison writes the federal government did not reach is goal of awarding 23 percent of total contracts to small businesses in 2012, representing the 11th straight year the government fell short of the goal.

The House Small Business Committee made several proposals to help small businesses nearly a year ago and Harrison writes some of their ideas made it into law.

The Small Business Administration is required to draft size standards based on each individual industry and small firms can partner on large contract bids, according to the report.

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