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Report: DHS Continuous Monitoring Oversight to Cost $6B

DHScyberAs the department responsible for securing unclassified networks on .gov domains for federal civilian departments and agencies, the Department of Homeland Security will have to pick up the $6 billion bill for doing so.

Nextgov reports DHS will handle the financial responsibility for continuous monitoring because many agencies do not have the expertise to carry out the initiative.

Aliya Sternstein writes the current continuing resolution, scheduled to run out on March 27, gives DHS $218 million for continuous monitoring and intrusion detection programs.

Citing a vendor solicitation, Sternstein writes the continuous monitoring-as-a-service program intends to provide agencies sensors, risk-status displays and professional consulting services.

Military, state and local agencies will be encouraged to use the same contract vehicles for .mil and municipal government computer systems but DHS will not be responsible for those costs, according to the report.

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