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Dan Tangherlini: GSA Realigning IT, Human Capital Functions

Dan Tangherlini
Dan Tangherlini

The General Services Administration will consolidate information technology personnel, budgets and systems under the chief information officer as part of an agency-wide realignment.

A 10-month review of the agency’s administrative services determined the agency needed to consolidate both its IT and human capital functions, acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini said in a blog post Tuesday.

All human capital management personnel and operations will fall under the chief people officer’s area of responsibility, Tangherlini said.

GSA is also putting executive correspondence, records management, audit response tracking and other administrative functions under the administrative services office.

Tangherlini said GSA started its review and consolidation process last April by directing the Public Building Service’s chief financial officer to report to the agency’s CFO, who is now Michael Casella.

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