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Danny Werfel: Most Civilian Furlough Notices Would Come Mid-March

Danny Werfel
Danny Werfel

Federal agencies will not send most of its civilian employees furlough notices until mid-March as negotiations with unions will start March 1 if Congress does not avert sequestration, a White House official told a Senate panel Thursday.

Office of Management and Budget Controller Danny Werfel told the Senate Appropriations Committee agencies are required to give 30 days notice prior to furloughs, GovExec reports.

Citing an OMB clarification, Eric Katz writes Werfel was talking specifically about Defense Department employees when he said April was the earliest possible start date for furloughs.

Werfel also told the Senate panel many food manufacturing plants would have to temporarily shut down if the sequester mechanism is triggered.

This is because 88 percent of the Food Safety Inspections Service’s budget goes toward salaries and plants cannot operate legally without inspection, he said.

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