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GAO Says Gov’t Must Do More in Cybersecurity; Michael Daniel Comments

gao-logoThe Government Accountability Office issued a study demanding an improved definition and implementation of cyber strategies, according to Amber Corrin of FCW.

The study cited four areas of continuous concern that were also addressed in President Obama’s executive order and presidential policy directive on federal cybersecurity.

·         Developing and executing procedures for risk assessment and information sharing
·         Early detection and response for cyber attacks
·         Designation of roles and responsibilities
·         Establishing security standards

Although the executive order aims to resolve GAO’s critiques there is still room for improvement, according to Corrin.

Michael Daniel, White House cybersecurity coordinator spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on February 15.

“The report that GAO released does raise a lot of very familiar stories,” said Daniel.

“The issues it raises unfortunately are not new — we’ve been trying to deal with a lot of these problems for some time. I would say that if you take what we’re doing with the executive order and the PPD, we’re really trying to address some of those key areas.”

Daniel confirmed that they are already working on a few ideas for these concerns but Congress’ help is vital in the realization of fool-proof resolutions on cyber issues.


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