House Bill Could Bring Some Defense Programs Forward; James Amos Comments

Gen. James Amos

The House is considering a defense appropriations bill that would let the Defense Department bring forward new programs before sequestration cuts would start affecting those programs, the Washington Business Journal reports.

Some projects that could be moved forward include a multi-year contract for the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, built by Boeing and Bell Helicopter, according to the Business Journal.

Jill Aitoro reports Pentagon officials testified to the House Appropriations Committee Tuesday on how the Pentagon could start the new programs.

Gen. James Amos, Marine Corps commandant, told the committee the branch $730 million in military construction funding would go away at the end of the fiscal year if the government keeps running on a continuing resolution.

Some of those funds could go toward building facilities for the F-35 program, Amos said, according to the report.

The current continuing resolution keeps funding at the previous year’s levels and agencies cannot initiate new programs, Aitoro writes.

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