NIH Facing $1.6B Sequestration Cut; Francis Collins Comments

Francis Collins
Francis Collins

The National Institutes of Health would have to cut $1.6 billion from its budget for fiscal year 2013 under the automatic sequestration cuts scheduled to take effect Friday, USA Today reports.

Dan Vergano writes that cut would take away 5.1 percent of funds for medical research and particularly impact new research grants.

NIH has had a roughly $31 billion budget over the last half-decade, Vergano reports.

Francis Collins, NIH director, told USA Today he fears the country could lose a generation of young scientists if the sequester takes effect.

Collins also told USA Today the sequester cut would likely become permanent as the current continuing resolution runs out at the end of March, threatening to shut down the government.

Cuts must be divided evenly between all NIH centers, according to USA Today.

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  1. I think if NIH is forced to swallow this pill then the senior leadership should simply resign, because they will have failed in their responsibilty to advocate for biomedical research.

    Every member of Congress should hang their head in shame whenever a family member gets cancer, heart disease or a neurological disorder because they will have failed the public trust, and failed their loved ones.

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