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Pentagon Unveils Commercial Mobile Device Plan; Teri Takai Comments

Teri Takai
Teri Takai

The Defense Department has developed a plan aimed at providing the department’s nearly 600,000 mobile-device users secure classified and protected unclassified mobile platforms.

Implementation of the plan will focus on devices, wireless infrastructure and applications that use commercial-off-the-shelf technology, the department said Tuesday.

“This is not simply about embracing the newest technology — it is about keeping the department’s workforce relevant in an era when information accessibility and cybersecurity play a critical role in mission success,” said Teri Takai, chief information officer.

Goals of the plan include promoting the development and use of mobile applications, according to the Pentagon.

Department components will conduct operational pilots that are intended to incorporate lessons learned, facilitate interoperability, refine technical requirements and influence commercial standards.

“The DoD Mobile Device Strategy and Implementation Plan aim to align the various mobile devices, pilots and initiatives across the department under common objectives to ensure the warfighter benefits from these activities and aligns with efforts in the Joint Information Environment,” Takai said.

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  1. Joseph Dorshefski

    Is there any way to obtain a copy of the “Commercial Mobile Device Implementation Plan ” for information for review by the State Department?

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