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Report: AF Could Furlough All Civilian Workers Under Sequestration

U.S. Air Force photo
U.S. Air Force photo

The U.S. Air Force could opt to furlough nearly all of its 18,000 civilian workers if the automatic budget cuts under sequestration kick in on March 1, Federal Times reports.

Citing a presentation to Congress, Stephen Losey and Jeff Schogol report the Air Force faces a sequestration cut of $12.4 billion, which would come on top of a $1.8 billion cut to wartime funding.

Civilian workers would be furloughed for 22 days during the rest of fiscal year 2013 and see a 20 percent pay cut for the fiscal year, according to the report.

A hiring freeze is in effect and the Air Force already is letting go of up to 3,200 non-mission-critical temporary and term employees, according to Federal Times.

Air Force officials told lawmakers they expect to use military service members for security in lieu of civilian gate guards, the report said.

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