Sen. Tom Coburn Says Sequestration Will Occur and is Necessary

Tom Coburn
Tom Coburn

Sen. Tom Coburn has said sequestration will happen and that the pain is necessary for both sides to make tough cuts to the federal budget going forward, according to an MSNBC article.

“It’s a stupid way to govern, but that’s the way we’re doing it right now, said the Republican senator for Oklahoma.

“I think the blame lies on everyone’s shoulders including the president’s. We’re going to start coming around and picking and choosing what’s important and eliminating what’s not of great value and what we can’t afford,” he added.

Coburn said eliminating wasteful spending in addition to reforming Medicare and implementing a more competitive healthcare cost model are necessary steps forward in reducing the deficit.

According to NBC News’ Chuck Todd, there are 27 days from the date of the sequester until government is unable to borrow anymore money.

He said the pain the markets feel during that time might spur Congress to action.

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