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Brett Williams: Cyber Planning Similar To Conventional War

Brett Williams
Maj. Gen. Brett Williams

Cyber operations require the same amount of much military planning and execution used in conventional warfare, U.S. Cyber Command‘s operations director recently said at a cyber seminar.

Maj. Gen. Brett Williams and several other officials discussed the status of the country’s cybersecurity efforts Feb. 22 at the Feb. 22 forum in Washington, Josh Davis wrote in DLT Solutions blog Technically Speaking.

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s DC chapter sponsored the forum.

One of the other keynote speakers was Eric Rosenbach, deputy defense assistant secretary for cyberpolicy, who said non-state cyberattacks is one of the greatest threats against the country’s.

Suzanne Spaulding, deputy undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security‘s national protection and programs directorate, said physical and cybersecurity are linked because of the threat cyber attacks pose critical infrastructure.

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