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China Among Top 5 Weapons Exporters, Study Says

970321-N-4142G-002The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has ranked China as the fifth-largest exporter of weapons in the world.

SIPRI’s Trends in International Arms Transfers report says China increased its arms exports by 162 percent between 2008 and 2012 when compared to the previous five years, Reuters reported Monday.

As a result, Britain loses its place in the think tank’s list of top five arms-exporting countries, led by the U.S. and Russia.

China follows Germany and France, ranked third and fourth in the list, respectively.

Pakistan is the top recipient of arms from China, accounting for 55 percent of China’s exports, and is continuing to order combat aircraft, submarines and frigates from China, Michael Martina reports.

Myanmar ranks next to Pakistan, with 8 percent of exports, followed by Bangladesh with 7 percent.

This is the first time China ranked in the top five list of SIPRI’s report since 1986, Martina reports.

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