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China and Russia Agree to Major Arms Deal

XIDuring the visit of new President XI Jinping to Russia, China has agreed to purchase four submarines and 24 Su-35 fighter jets from Moscow, according to a UPI article.

This is the biggest military arms deal between the two countries in the past decade.

The aircraft are meant to reduce pressure on China’s air defense before Chinese-made stealth fighters go into production though Chinese officials said the weapons purchases are not meant for any particular third party.

“It is the natural, well-deserved fruit of bilateral defense cooperation, and both sides have made it clear that the bilateral strategic partnership is not targeting anyone,” said Li Hong, secretary-general of the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association.

The submarines that are part of the deal will be built by both countries, two in Russia and two in China.

According to the article, “China’s growing military will have a budget of $114.3 billion this year, up 10.7 percent from last year as officially announced.”

The actual figures for China spends on its military and defense could be much higher than that, according to experts.

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