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February Retirements Exceed OPM’s Projection By Three Times

FilesA wave of federal retirement claims in February exceeded the Office of Personnel Management‘s projections by three times for that month, according to Fierce Government.

writes the agency processed about 15,000 claims during the month and its inventory of unprocessed claims reached 41,000.

According to Fedsmith, OPM’s outstanding inventory of retirement claims jumped 14 percent in February from the 36,062 reported in January.

OPM received more than 20,000 new claims in both January and February, Fedsmith reports.

The agency predicted nearly 5,600 federal workers would retire in February and hoped it could cut the backlog of claims down to around 33,000 by last month, Federal Times reports.

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  1. Another missed retirement projection by the OPM – what’s new? OPM simply does not have the capacity to administer our growing retirement program efficiently, effectively and responsibly. They have tried everything and it hasn’t worked. Instead of building OPM’s retirement program up to be managed by the same mindsets that continue to manage OPM’s retirement programs we need to utilize existing technology to administer federal retirements more efficiently and effectively than OPM can. OPM continue to demonstrated it can no longer administer this program or any other federal wide programs efficiently or effectively in the 21st Century. Congress will need to take the initiative as OMB which has responsibility for performance management oversight of federal program has also failed to take the initiative to correct and realign under performing programs at the OPM,,,,,.

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