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James Clapper: 5K Contract Jobs At Risk Under Sequestration

JamesClapperAutomatic across-the-board cuts under sequestration could result in about 5,000 contract workers losing their jobs and thousands of FBI employees being furloughed, the national intelligence director said Tuesday.

James Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee the intelligence budget would take a 7 percent cut, or $4 billion, for the rest of the fiscal year under the cuts, Bloomberg reports.

Clapper said he will submit a reprogramming request to Congress as he has indicated previously in comments on how he plans to handle the sequester, the report said.

According to Politico, Clapper said the cuts equal a 13 percent reduction because they must be implemented within seven months and described how he saw the sequester as threatening to the intelligence community.

“It will be gradual and almost invisible, unless and until of course, we have an intelligence failure,” Clapper said, Politico reports.

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  1. Wow. 5K…

    Could I suggest some other departments that could be helped by Sequestration?
    The IRS.
    The U.S. Senate…

    If you need others, please just email me. I could save you lots of my tax dollars.

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