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President Obama Arrives in Israel for Middle East Visit

ObamaPresident Barack Obama has arrived in Israel for his first visit as Commander-in-Chief and will go to numerous sites in the Jewish state as he tries to reassure its leadership of U.S. commitment to stopping a nuclear Iran.

According to a USA Today article, Obama will meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and will travel to Jordan where he will meet with pro-western King Abdullah.

“It’s in our fundamental security interest to stand with Israel,” Obama said shortly after arriving in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

Both Palestinians and Israelis lack confidence that the high-profile visit from the American President will have any substantive changes to the current standstill in peace talks.

“When someone comes to Israel to work seriously, he does so quietly, not with a lot of noise,” said Natan, an Israeli who previously worked in

Israel PM Netanyahu
Israel PM Netanyahu


The White House also pointed out that it does not expect significant agreements to come out of the trip.

In terms of Obama’s relationship with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, Dan Schueftan, the director of the National Security Center at the University of Haifa and a visiting professor at Georgetown University said there are positive signs for the next four years.

“The basic relations between Israel and the U.S. are very, very solid,” he said.

“I think Obama realizes that he went about things in the wrong way in his first term in office and is adopting a different approach that has much more potential to succeed. And the recent Israeli election produced a much more centrist reality. We have a much better starting point,” he added.

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