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U.S. Focus on Asia Termed ‘a Rebalance’; Patrick Ventrell Comments

AsiaPacific_mapThe U.S. is still committed to its “pivot” to Asia, despite comments from a former national security advisor, according to a Channel News Asia article.

Former national security advisor General Jim Jones recently said “pivot to Asia” were probably “the words we regret most.”

He added that the phrase suggested to other regions, including allies in Europe, that they did not matter as much anymore.

The Obama administration has sought to rename its approach, now calling it “a rebalance” of US foreign policy towards Asia.

State Department acting deputy spokesman Patrick Ventrell said of the White House’s commitment to the Asia-Pacific region “we will deepen our engagement in order to seize opportunities for a more secure and prosperous future.”

“You know the administration’s strong commitment to the Asia-Pacific region. It’s driven by our enduring interests and it won’t change,” he added.

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