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White House: Agencies Struggling to Improve Cybersecurity

WhiteHouseAccording to the latest quarterly cybersecurity scorecard from the White House, many agencies have made little progress improving their cybersecurity postures, Federal Times reports.

Nicole Johnson writes that the scorecard noted that although most agencies have issued personal identification verification cards to access information systems, only two percent of the employees in 12 of the 24 federal agencies are using them to access those systems.

The scorecard also found that several agencies are struggling to conduct follow-ups to incidents when monitoring their networks for unauthorized devices and vulnerabilities on authorized devices.

There were upsides:

  • The White House also found that 18 agencies met the 90 percent monitoring target for devices, with 12 reaching the 95 percent mark.
  • the Defense Department and General Services Administration were 84 percent and 93 percent closer to meeting a goal regarding the use of the cards.

For more on the scorecard’s findings, read Johnson’s full piece here.

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