HUD to Consolidate Field Offices Starting This Fall; Mary McBride Comments

Department of Housing and Urban Development logoThe Department of Housing and Urban Development will this fall start restructuring field offices of the multifamily housing program and the office of the field policy and management in a move it expects to take nearly two-and-a-half years.

Around 900 of HUD’s 9,000 employees are affected by the restructuring as the department aims to adjust to budget cuts and save up to $45 million per year upon completion in fiscal year 2016, HUD said Wednesday.

Mary McBride, HUD’s Northwest regional administrator, said Wednesday the department would close down 16 multifamily offices and 16 out of 80 field policy and management offices.

HUD expects the field policy and management office to save between $110 and $150 million over 10 years as a result of the closures.

The department also intends to consolidate 50 multifamily offices into 10, aiming to combine field employees and have them report to five hubs in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Fort Worth, Texas.

Satellite offices will be based in Boston, Jacksonville, Detroit, Kansas City, Miss. and Denver.

Employees affected by the restructuring can apply for other vacant positions within the department and apply for relocation assistance, or choose to receive separation incentive or early retirement pay.

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