Ray Odierno, John McHugh: Sequester Could Cut At Least 100K Army Soldiers

Ray Odierno and John McHugh (pictured left to right)
Ray Odierno and John McHugh (pictured left to right)

The U.S. Army risks losing at least 100,000 soldiers on top of reductions if sequestration occurs over the full 10-year period, two of the branch’s lead officials told lawmakers Tuesday.

Gen. Ray Odierno, chief of staff, and Secretary John McHugh told the Senate Armed Services Committee in prepared testimony that both sets of cuts could result in a loss of up to 200,000 soldiers over the next decade due to the sequester and drawdown from Afghanistan, GovExec reported Tuesday.

According to Army Times, McHugh said the Army has already planned to reduce its ranks from 570,000 to 490,000 under cuts approved by Congress in 2011.

He said the branch may also have to let go of some Army National Guard and Reserve members under the sequester, that report said.

McHugh’s testimony comes nearly six months after the Army announced it would offer early retirement to some soldiers with 15 years experience as one tool to reach the cut he outlined.

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