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Report: Congress Set to End FAA Sequestration Furloughs

AirportRunwayThe House is expected to approve legislation Friday that would end furloughs of more than 10,000 air traffic controllers and give the Federal Aviation Administration authority to move $253 million from other accounts.

Senators unanimously approved the bill Thursday and some lawmakers believe the furloughs can end immediately upon its passage, USA Today reported Thursday.

Bart Jansen and Susan Davis write the agency has furloughed 1,500 controllers on average per day as it sought to cut $220 million from its budget under sequestration.

The FAA attributed nearly 40 percent of flight delays this week to the furloughs, including 1,200 delays in Monday and 1,025 on Tuesday.

Delays in the week nearly tripled over the prior year period from 2,795 to 8,804, Jansen and Davis report, citing figures from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

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