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WH Budget Proposal Includes $13B for Cybersecurity; Robert Hale Comments

white-house-logoThe White House has released its budget proposal for fiscal 2014 which includes $13 billion of a total $3.8 trillion in spending for cybersecurity programs, according to a Bloomberg article.

US Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel said the White House proposal includes a large amount of spending on cyber because the government uses information technology for many of its processes.

Defense Comptroller Robert Hale said the Pentagon’s cybersecurity budget would increase from $3.9 billion last year to fiscal 2014’s proposed $4.7 billion.

The Pentagon’s spending plan includes creation of cybersecurity offense and defense teams and a joint programs center with the US Cyber Command.

The proposal of spending $13 billion on cybersecurity is around $1 billion more than current levels.


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