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Congressional Report: Pentagon Healthcare Fund Will be Exhausted by August

PentagonA House of Representatives Appropriations Committee report says the $2.6 billion healthcare funding reduction from sequestration might cause the defense-wide healthcare budget to run out by August 2013, according to a Military Times article.

The report released Wednesday added that while funding for military treatment facilities maintenance will remain a priority, many healthcare workers will be affected by the furlough.

Rick Maze writes that the Pentagon is also expected to experience a disruption in Tricare coverage due to the mandatory $40 billion spending reduction.

“All military services indicated they will significantly reduce equipment and facilities maintenance,” according to the report.

“This will curtail the reset of equipment returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and may create equipment shortfalls if forces have to respond to emerging contingencies,” the report added.

The report comes after the DoD announced that 82% of defense civilian personnel will be furloughed.

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