Capgemini Study: E-Gov Services Grow in Europe

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CapgeminiLogoOnline public services have grown in number but user satisfaction still lags behind private electronic services, a report compiled by Capgemini says.

The “Digital by Default or by Detour” study covers 28,000 Europeans citizens and analyzes 20-to-30 services for three life events such as business, job opportunities and higher education, Capgemini said Tuesday.

Capgemini conducted the study for the European Commission.

A majority of respondents said time savings, flexibility and low cost of e-government services drive them toward those services.

Respondents from 32 countries indicated that difficulty and lack of awareness about these services hinder citizens from using online services, the survey said.

Sixty-two percent of respondents said they prefer personal contact to e-government services.

The survey found 73 percent would use these online services to declare income tax, 57 percent to change address and 56 percent to enroll in tertiary education or apply for scholarship.

Forty-one percent said they would use e-government services to report a crime, look for a new job and start disability allowance methods.