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DoD Expects the F-35 to Cost $327B Over 30 Years, a Cost Reduction of 1.5%

F-35The Defense Department estimates the cost of purchasing 2,457 F-35 aircraft through 2032 will reach $327 billion and the engines will cost $64 billion total, the Lexington Institute reported Friday.

Loren Thompson writes the DoD’s Selected Acquisition Report projected the 30-year purchasing cost of 2,457 F-35 aircraft to decline by $4.94 billion because of reduced labor estimates and low-production costs.

The selected acquisition report marks the first time the DoD has reduced the estimated cost of the aircraft.

Aircraft contractor Lockheed Martin expects the cost of a single-engine F-35 variant for the U.S. Air Force to equal the current price of an F-16 by the end of the decade, according to the Lexington Institute article.

Thompson writes the government estimates the maintenance cost of these planes to reach more than $1 trillion over 50 years.

On top of aircraft carriers, the F-35 program yielded a 50-year life cycle cost estimate, Thompson noted.

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