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Exec Order Puts CTO, CIO In Charge of Federal Open Data Repository

Energy Dept. image
Energy Dept. image

Federal Chief Technology Officer Todd Park and Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel will oversee an online repository of government information intended to help federal agencies adopt a new open data policy, Information Week reported Thursday.

Elena Malykhina writes President Barack Obama issued an executive order mandating the new policy, which requires all government-generated data to be open to the public.

Malykhina reports the Office of Management and Budget and Office of Science and Technology Policy also issued a policy for agencies to manage government information as an asset.

The White House intends to give entrepreneurs, researchers and the public government data they could potentially use to develop new products and services.

Federal agencies will need to index and list their data to the repository containing tools and best practices on implementing the open data policy, according to the report.

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