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Jonathan Greenert: DoD Supports Cybersecurity Investments Amid Sequestration

Adm. Jonathan Greenert
Adm. Jonathan Greenert

The U.S. Defense Department is allocating significant investments for cybersecurity as one of its primary concerns despite across-the-board budget cuts in government, according to a Reuters article.

John O’Callaghan writes the agency puts emphasis on the role cybersecurity plays in helping computer networks and satellites coordinate communication among ships, planes and personnel.

Admiral Jonathan Greenert, the chief of naval operations, told Reuters the DoD continues to invest in cyber programs with the same level of priority in nuclear strategies.

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“We’ve got to understand how to defend them, how to exploit them ourselves and how to, as necessary, be able to do offensive effects,” added Greenert.

Greenert told Reuters the Defense Department intends to protect its network from sensor shutdown, power interruption and confusion, as well as determine the onset of such attacks.

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