Panel Recommends LEED System to Measure Building Sustainability; Kevin Kampschroer Comments

ArmyLandAn advisory panel has recommended the federal government adopt the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design system as the primary standard for measuring federal buildings’ sustainability, Federal News Radio reports.

Jason Miller writes the General Services Administration has required a LEED Gold certification for all new government construction projects since 2010.

Kevin Kampschroer, director of GSA’s office of federal high-performance green buildings, told the station the Green Building Advisory Committee used a study that found three out of 160 tools addressed the whole building system.

“From the committee’s point of view, the use of LEED was most conducive to meet the requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act,” he told the station.

GSA released in February a Federal Register Notice on the ongoing review of green building certification systems and asked for additional public comments.

The agency plans to make its recommendation on green building certification systems this summer.

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