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Darrell Issa to Introduce Updated Federal Spending Tracker Bill

darrell-issaOversight and Government Reform committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa will be reintroducing a bill that calls for streamlining federal spending information with updates on open data and more, according to an FCW article.

Adam Mazmanian writes that Issa made the announcement about an updated Digital Accountability and Transparency Act during a Capitol Hill event Thursday with companies pushing for the bill.

Issa said an updated DATA Act would provide readily-available information to the public and private sector as well as the inspector generals.

“There are 74 Inspectors General, most of whom don’t have access to data without going through a long process of requesting it and perhaps even spending money having it deciphered,” Issa said.

White House chief information officer Steven Van Roekel said that the DATA Act draft will include provisions for making the collection, usage and dissemination of data “machine-readable.”

Roekel added this will “get at the core opportunity of streamlining some of the spending data inside government.”

Issa first introduced the DATA Act in 2011.

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