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Report: Pentagon Leaders to Wrap Up Budget Cut Review At Month’s End

PentagonDefense Department leaders will propose three scenarios for automatic spending cuts when they present a military strategy report to Secretary Chuck Hagel by the end of the month, Defense News reported Sunday.

Marcus Weisgerber and Vago Muradian write Pentagon senior officials responsible for the Strategic Choices and Management Review are looking at automatic spending cuts of $1 billion, $300 billion and $500 billion.

Officials have agreed during the two-month review that the agency could achieve the targets by closing bases and revising military compensation, according to Defense News.

David Berteau of the Center for Strategic and International Studies told Defense News the SCMR will also aim to help set the discussion surrounding the Quadrennial Defense Review and budgets for the next two fiscal years.

The SCMR is intended to help the Pentagon make choices, depending on the level of appropriation Congress provides, according to the report.

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