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DARPA Wants Cloud to Secure Military Operations During Cyber Attacks

DARPAegovThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has begun developing cloud-based services intended to secure the military’s operations during cyber attacks, Defense Systems reported Wednesday.

John Edwards writes the mission-oriented resilient cloud program is intended to identify and address cyber threats while helping to keep cloud infrastructures operating amid an ongoing attack.

The MRC program is intended to enable multi-host systems connecting multiple network nodes to endure cyber attacks and build a “community health system,” according to the Defense Systems.

“There is a very real threat that monoculture in the cloud might result in a targeted attack against a specific type of host infecting all of the connected systems in a cloud, which could put a mission at risk,” said Geoff Webb, solution strategy director at Houston-based NetIQ.

He added that the resilient program remedies this by introducing diversity and dynamic trust models that would identify and stop a cyber attack before the entire cloud is affected.

Edwards writes the DoD will rely on security systems that are already in use to protect its systems before the new service is ready, but even those are relatively undeveloped and are not fully tested within a military cloud environment.  

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