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Chuck Hagel: Pentagon Works to Combat Cyber, Nuclear Threats

Chuck Hagel
Chuck Hagel

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has bared that the Pentagon is working to increase military capabilities to deter cyber attacks and nuclear programs, the American Forces Press Service reported Thursday.

Karen Parrish writes Hagel discussed the challenges posed by cyber threats during a speech at the University of Nebraska-Omaha Thursday.

He assured that funding for cybersecurity programs remains a top priority for the agency, adding, “Part of the answer to the cyber threat is working through and with international forums of common interests, and developing a common approach with all nations.”

Hagel also revealed the federal government’s plan to pursue negotiations with Russia on reducing deployed strategic nuclear weapons by up to one-third under a new bilateral treaty.

“DOD will continue to make these investments in order to sustain our weapons and delivery systems and ensure that we retain the expert personnel,” the secretary said.

“A safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent remains essential to our national security, and we will maintain that capability,” he added.

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