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Sequestration Could Force Air National Guard to Trim State Flying Units

F-16The Air National Guard could have to terminate its one-flying-unit-per-state structure as officials seek to close some aircraft units because of sequestration and other cuts, Military Times reported Wednesday.

Brian Everstine writes that the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force has questioned the need for each state to have an aircraft unit and will issue a report in 2014 to outline the future of this service.

State leaders and the Air National Guard agreed to maintain one aircraft unit in each state last year, the report said.

Everstine reports some state officials now say said they would approve closures of some flying units as long as the Guard maintains sufficient resources in the event of natural disasters.

Maj. Gen. Tim Orr, adjutant general of Iowa, told Military Times state officials and the Federal Emergency Management Agency intend to release a report this fall identifying disaster preparedness assets to retain.

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