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State Dept’s Annual Report Says Unilateral, State Sponsored Terrorism on the Rise

State terrorismWith state sponsored terrorism emanating from Iran, the survival of al-Qaeda in Pakistan and the continued operations of terrorists in Libya after the assassination of U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens, the State Department‘s annual report on worldwide terrorist activities paints a bleak picture for worldwide security moving forward.

State publishes a 200-page country-by-country report every year detailing ongoing counterterrorism efforts while also identifying state sponsors of terrorism, terrorist safe havens and foreign terrorist organizations, according to a CNN article.

Paul Courson writes that “Country Reports on Terrorism 2012” says both state-sponsored and “lone wolf” acts of terrorism are on the rise.

The report is mandated by Congress and was prepared at the “National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism,” based at the University of Maryland.

Iran is identified as a state sponsor due to its support for terrorist operatives associated with Hezbollah who operate outside the country and its military intelligence organization’s shady dealings.

The article also says that Libya is currently acting as a security vacuum where terrorists are able to operate more freely.

The report notes that while al-Qaeda’s power has been diminished, they still have influence in Western Pakistan where they are currently “surviving.”

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