Dan Tangherlini Voices Concern Over Proposed GSA Spending Cuts Bill

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Dan Tangherlini
Dan Tangherlini
Dan Tangherlini

General Services Administration head Dan Tangherlini has voiced his opposition over a planned House Appropriations Committee bill to slash $2.5 billion from the requested fiscal year 2014 budget.

Tangherlini wrote in a Wednesday blog post that the proposed bill contains a provision that will cover only 85 percent of the agency’s liabilities in the private sector.

“The bill includes a funding level that is 15 percent below what is needed for us to meet our rent obligations,” Tangherlini said.

This could force the government to default on its leases and affect different sectors, particularly the working population and the real estate community, he added.

He suggested a review of the budget request to determine which areas require prior attention and find a solution that would ensure that allocations are balanced according to national needs.

“We know that the government’s financial situation is tough and complex,” Tangherlini said in conclusion, adding, “What we need are real, workable, common-sense, business-like solutions to these problems.”