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DARPA Seeks Unmanned Delivery Ship for UAVs, UUVs

DroneLaunchCarrierThe U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to develop an unmanned vehicle system to deploy unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles during military operations, Military & Aerospace Electronics reported Tuesday.

John Keller writes DARPA is scheduled to meet with industry on Aug. 5 at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory – Kossiakoff Center in Laurel, Md. to discuss the Hydra program.

DARPA aims for that program to build and demonstrate a mothership that will work to transport and launch UAVs and UUVs secretly into enemy lines while keeping military personnel safe, according to the report.

Agency officials told Military & Aerospace Electronics Hydra will use modular payloads from an integrated platform to deploy UAVs and UUVs intended to respond to various military situations.

Keller reports Hydra will integrate existing and emerging delivery technologies that apply to air, surface and subsurface operations.

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